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STCA - Subject to Council Approval

Subject To Council Approval 'STCA' - I'm sure you've seen this term before!

Real estate agents often use pending council approvals as a marketing tactic to maximise property prices and their own commissions. This benefits property developers by increasing profits through subdivision into multiple lots.

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What does STCA mean?

When you come across the acronym “STCA” in a property listing, it signifies that the site holds development or extension potential that could enhance its value or perceived value. However, it’s important to note that such changes require approval from the local council and are not automatically granted.

For instance, you may see listings like “Development site (STCA),” “Multiple Dwelling Site (STCA),” or “Subdivision site (STCA).”

When a real estate agent states that something is STCA, they are indicating that while the potential exists, they <i>cannot</i> guarantee any specific outcome. It becomes the responsibility of the buyer to obtain the necessary approvals. It’s important to understand that even if a property has development potential “Subject To Council Approval,” it does not guarantee a favourable outcome.

To ensure a cautious approach, seek the guidance of a town planner early in the property buying process. They can provide a free consultation and help navigate the complexities of the planning requirements.

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What do you do if you see the letters STCA?

Where you see the STCA term, if you intend to carry out any work on the property, it is advisable to take certain steps:

  1. Contact a local town planner, such as Steffan Harries, or get in touch with the Local Council. Discuss your objectives and the implications of your proposed changes in relation to the planning scheme.

  2. Consider obtaining a PropertEASE (PE) report to assess the feasibility of the agent’s claims regarding the property’s potential, subject to Council approval. For example, if the listing suggests subdivision potential (STCA), the PE report can reveal if additional land area, such as an extra 150sqm, is required for the subdivision. This report, along with professional advice from a consulting town planner like Steffan Town Planning, can help clarify the viability of the listed possibilities.

Still wondering what STCA means? Get in touch with one of our town planners to assist!

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