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Pre-lodgement meeting

Before committing to a purchase or an expensive town planning application, a prelodgement meeting is a great way to get some initial feedback from Council.

Take advantage of Council pre-lodgement meeting services to discuss your proposed development prior to spending the money. These meetings are designed to address potential development issues, provide site location information, and align your project with our strategic objectives for the area’s development.

What is a pre-lodgement meeting

A pre-lodgement meeting is a service offered by most Councils in Queensland, allowing you to discuss your proposed development. These meetings aim to identify known development issues, provide site location information, and align with the Council’s strategic objectives for the area’s development.

It’s important to note that property ownership is not a requirement to request a pre-lodgement meeting for a property. That means, you could have a prelodgement meeting for a prospective purchase without the owner knowing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We always opt for our pre-lodgement meetings to be Commercial in Confidence and confidential. We also do not share our findings of a pre-lodgement meeting with other clients without your consent.

It mostly takes 2-4 weeks to book in a pre-lodgement meeting but it can be much faster depending on how busy Council are.

In most instances, you will receive a formal set of meeting minutes from Council. Where they don’t, our town planners will always be taking our own record of the meeting for safe keeping.

What do you need to request a prelodgement meeting?

To arrange a pre-lodgement meeting, you will need to provide the Council with the following information beforehand:

  1. Concept plans: Drawn to scale with clear markings of the location of physical structures (e.g., buildings, landscaping), as well as site features like pathways and slopes.
  2. Supporting material: Include any relevant supporting documentation about your proposed development.

The detail and accuracy of the Council’s advice during the meeting will depend on the level of information you provide in advance. Steffan Harries can assist in pulling together the bare minimum amount of information to book in a prelodgement meeting.

When requesting a prelodgement meeting, you have the option to upload a concept or detailed plan in Word, PDF, or JPG format.

Most Council generally aim to schedule the meeting within 15 working days after fee payment (if applicable) and will provide written advice following the meeting.

What format are prelodgement meetings held in?

In most instances, Council’s will offer various options to receive advice, including:

  1. Face-to-face meetings: These will generally take place at Council.
  2. Virtual meetings: Customers can opt for meetings conducted via Microsoft Teams, providing a convenient remote communication option.
  3. Combination of virtual and face-to-face meetings: This flexible approach allows for a mix of virtual and in-person interactions as per the customer’s preference and circumstances.
  4. Written advice: Customers also have the option to receive advice in writing, ensuring clear and documented communication.
Steffan Harries is also happy to host our clients in our boardroom located in our Brisbane office at Stones Corner.

What is not generally suitable for a prelodgement meeting?

Depending on the Council, they may have works that are not considered suitable for a prelodgement meeting request. For example:

  1. General planning enquiries
  2. Proposals involving the demolition of any part of a building constructed in 1946 or earlier, or within the Heritage overlay.
  3. Development on locations listed in the Queensland Heritage Register.
  4. Dwelling house applications
  5.  Simple 1 into 2 lot subdivisions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most Council’s will allow you to attend pre-lodgement meetings via Teams.

Yes. All Council’s allow for in-person pre-lodgement meetings. That said, it may take longer to organise Council officers to attend in person so we always recommend the online version to expedite things.

Let Steffan Harries take care of your prelodgement meeting request and get you the best outcome possible!

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