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Need to see if a property is affected by an easement? We've got some hot tips for you!

When purchasing property in Queensland, the abundance of legal and industry terminology can be overwhelming. Amongst the commonly used terms throughout your property journey, ‘easement’ is likely to be frequently mentioned, starting from your initial discussions with the real estate agent and continuing throughout the conveyancing process.

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We can have one of our town planners obtain a copy of the survey plan, and easement document, and provide general advice including:

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*we will endeavour to complete all easement reviews within 2 business days from payment. The $250 fee is charged PER EASEMENT. If there is multiple easements, our office will be in touch to discuss additional costs.

How to do a free easement search in Queensland

Looking to determine if your property is impacted by a registered easement?

You can utilise helpful tools like QLD Globe! (

By searching for your property and enabling the ‘easements’ overlay, you can easily discover (at no cost) if an easement affects your property. 

If you require detailed information about the conditions of the easement, it is necessary to visit the titles office or a distributor like CITEC (with associated costs of up to $100).

For any inquiries regarding easements or to gain a better understanding of their implications, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of knowledgeable town planners.

What is an easement?

An easement refers to a portion of land that is part of a specific lot, owned by one individual, but grants another person the right to access it. Common examples include the right to cross the land for rear block access or for essential services such as drainage or sewerage.

Within the context of an easement, there are typically one or more parties who benefit from it, as well as one or more parties who bear the burden of it. The land holding the advantage of the easement is referred to as the ‘dominant tenement,’ while the land that carries the burden of the easement is known as the ‘servient tenement.’

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*The $250 fee is charged PER EASEMENT. If there is multiple easements, our office will be in touch to discuss additional costs.

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