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Reconfiguring a lot (Subdivision)

We've been getting approvals for subdivisions for 15 years, and delivered thousands of new allotments.

Not only are we well experienced in obtaining approvals for subdivisions, we also coordinate the construction phase. This gives us a well-rounded knowledge of the cost and issues that can arise post-approval.

Reconfiguring a lot (Subdivision)

From concept stage through to completion, a simple 1 into 2 subdivision can require the involvement of up to 20 people from town planners, surveyors, engineers, contractors, banks, Local Council, real estate agents…etc. And, unfortunately, you will need approval.

It’s never quite as easy as what they make it look on TV, so here at Steffan Harries we offer the fundamental service of project management.

We can manage your project from finding the right property right through to receiving your approval from Council.

What is the process?

  1. When we receive an enquiry (call us/email us!), we assess the development potential of the property/site (using PropertEASE); this step highlights any potential issues such as slope, connection to services…etc. – we then share this feedback with our client free of charge;

  2. We discuss the project with our network of trusted advisors including civil engineers, surveyors and feasibility consultants to ensure the project is achievable; and

  3. We send our client a fee proposal outlining the process and charges involved.

We thrive on a challenge here at Steffan Harries and always provide our clients with honest feedback. We always work resourcefully to achieve the best possible outcome and it’s rewarding for us to see clients succeed and become more prosperous on their development journeys. The more money you make, the quicker you’ll start on the next project so we’re always working in your best interests.

What next?

Once we are engaged to complete a job we will obtain multiple surveying and civil engineering quotes from our network of experienced and reliable consultants. We work alongside these consultants from pre-lodgement right through to completion of the project to ensure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.

During the pre-lodgement stage, we gather the supporting documents required for submission to Council, such as; subdivision plan, concept services plan, hydraulic reports, ecology reports… etc. Our aim is to avoid information requests where possible so we always recommend to our clients that all supporting documents be obtained prior to lodgement. This ensures a speedy turnaround with minimal hassle for all parties, not to mention we rarely charge for ‘out-of-scope’ work.

Through the development application process with Council, we always make sure our clients are 100% informed each step of the way. We check in with Council regularly and provide our clients with weekly updates to guarantee we push it along as fast as possible. We also provide RiskSMART approvals, which allow us to gain approvals within just 5 business days.

development approval for subdivision or reconfiguration of a lot

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot which is:

  1. less than 450m2; or
  2. a rear lot of less than 600m2 excluding an access way.

The distance between two places, measured from reasonable pedestrian access points and along roads with verges, off-road pathways or other reasonable pedestrian connections.

Once you get your approvals, you need to proceed to the Operational Works phase. This generally involves civil engineers, contractors, and surveyors. Steffan Harries can also assist in this phase.

A “splitter block” refers to an ideal parcel of land suitable for subdivision or lot reconfiguration, typically resulting in the creation of two separate lots from a single property. A splitter block already consists of two allotments held under a single title, allowing the possibility to divide them into two individual titles for the purpose of selling separate parcels of land. However, the process may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Learn more about splitter blocks in our blog.

Got a site you want to subdivide? Get in touch with one of our town planners now for a free consultation.

Our subdivision approvals:

Reconfiguring a lot (1 into 2)

Development Type:

Subdividing a 800m2 block of land into 2 lots.


Salisbury, Brisbane City Council


Approved 2020 – Constructed 2021

Planning Summary:

An example of the most commong style of subdivision application we see, this subdivision appeared to be fairly black and white with a simple split down the middle. After quickly negotiated the approval, Council, unexpectedly imposed conditions requiring a brand new footpath along the whole frontage of the property, an upstream stormwater drain, and associated easements. 

Further negotiations post-approval successfully removed those conditions saving our client tens of thousands of dollars.

Reconfiguring a lot (1 into 21)

Development Type:

Subdivision land from 1 lot into 21 lots on a Community Titles Scheme allowing for a narrowed private road.


Tingalpa, Brisbane City Council


Approved 2023

Planning Summary:

This Emerging Community zoned property was affected by a variety of overlays including an Overland Flow Path, Waterway Corridor, Biodiversity Areas, and state-mapped Core Koala Habitat. Steffan Harries assisted in building a project team, and working along-side Brisbane City Council through a prelodgement meeting, development application, a Change application, and Exemption certificate, we were able to obtain approval for our original proposal.

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