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Do I need approval?

Town planning can be a complicated process, the first step is to figure out whether or not you need approval!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources below on when you might need a town planner to get involved with a certain property project. Whether it be a large multiple dwelling development, commercial, industrial, or just a carport, we can help!

What kind of development are you undertaking?

Multiple dwelling approval for apartments

Our Services:

Looking to subdivide?

Let us manage your subdivision project from site-finding to receiving your approval from Council! We also provide development management to deliver your project right through to plan sealing.

Exploring property development?

We have over 30+ years of experience helping developers and investors across SEQ. We’re a one stop shop! Let us manage your project and maximise the potential of your property!

Have a character home?

Looking to extend, alter or demolish your character home? We can assist in assessing what values these buildings have to Council and advise on what you’re allowed to do!

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A member of our admin team will be happy to take down your details and send them to a planner for assessment. Call us on 33170042.

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In a hurry for advice?

Need quick advice about a prospective purchase? Get a formal Due Diligence Report within 2 business days.

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Need urgent advice?

Looking at purchasing a property? Unlock insights about your property’s potential!

For $800 you’ll get the following:

✅A comprehensive review of critical planning aspects
✅A written report
✅Overview of the development potential (if any)
✅High-level feedback from a planning Director

Expect your tailored advice within just 2 business days. Click here to view a sample report.