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Fast-tracking development applications

Is your proposed development compliant with the planning scheme? It might be eligible to be fast-tracked through Risksmart!

Some Council’s offers a range of quick services to meet customer needs. One of these services is called RiskSMART, which provides a fast assessment process for low-risk development applications that are ready for a decision. Brisbane, and Logan currently offer this service.

How can you fast-track your development approval?

RiskSmart offers a fast and straightforward approval process for development applications. Accredited RiskSmart consultants (such as Steffan Harries) assess simple, low-risk applications by evaluating them against the relevant local council Planning Scheme and RiskSmart criteria. Weprepare the necessary paperwork and supporting documents, which is then reviewed by Council officers. Typically, applications can be assessed within 5-20 business days.

In some instances, you can also get a discount of the Council fees when lodging via the Risksmart process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RiskSMART is an expedited approval procedure designed for low-risk development applications that are ready for decision-making. Before submitting your application, please verify that the proposed development aligns with the criteria specified for lodgement and application type.

Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council both have fast-tracked approval systems. Steffan Harries is accredited to provide Risksmart services in both of these regions.

Yes! Depending on the proposal, extensions to Queenslanders in the character overlays can be eligible for the fast-tracked development approval process.

Yes! If your carport application has triggered for low-risk reasons, we may be able to fast-track it through the Risksmart process.

Is your project eligible to be fast-tracked?

Depending on the Council region, there is a specific criteria required to be eligible for the Risksmart process. We have listed a few general ones below for you to consider when thinking about going down the fast-track application process (e.g. Risksmart):

  • Low risk
  • Complies with the eligible development type criteria (refer to below)
  • Decision-ready (e.g. nothing needing to be negotiated)
  • Compliant with the planning scheme
  • All Risksmart Council forms are filled out
  • Full payment of fees

Once your application is properly submitted, you can expect a decision within ten business days.

Eligibility in Brisbane City Council

For a development application to be accepted into the Brisbane City Council RiskSMART process, it must meet the required eligible development types including:

  • new dwelling house or extension to existing dwelling house
  • reconfiguration of a lot (up to 5 lots)
  • low impact industry, medium impact industry and warehouse (excluding general industry C)
  • centre activities in a centre zone (800 m2 or 10% of existing gross floor area, whichever is the greater)
  • prescribed tidal works
  • educational establishment (no increase to student capacity)
  • any other low risk code assessable development where the technical issues and/or areas of non-compliance have been managed via Council’s pre-lodgement service.

We wish to highlight that each eligible development type has it’s own set of criteria (e.g. can’t be in an Overland flow path etc.) but get in touch with one of our planners with your project details so we can take a look for you!

Eligibility in Logan City Council

In the City of Logan, any code assessable development (such as material change of use or reconfiguring a lot) that aligns with all acceptable outcomes qualifies for a RiskSmart assessment under the Logan Planning Scheme 2015. 

Again, it is important to note that there is specific Risksmart criteria to meet, such as restrictions regarding Flood overlays (which means you can’t go through Risksmart anymore). However, feel free to reach out to one of our planners with your project details, and we will be happy to review them for you!

Want to see if your proposal is eligible for the fast-tracked Risksmart approval process? Get in touch!

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