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As town planners, we rely on a lengthy list of consultants who assist us in obtaining your approvals.

Although Steffan Harries can assist you in navigating planning processes, the preparation of a development application can be a complex task. This page aims to provide information about various types of industry experts who can assist you with your building or development project.

Before pushing ahead, who else might you need involved in your development project?

While seeking guidance from Steffan Harries can be beneficial in navigating planning processes, it is important to recognise that preparing a development application can present complex challenges.

 To help shed light on this matter, this page aims to provide comprehensive insights into the diverse array of industry experts who can offer invaluable assistance for your building or development project. These professionals possess specialised knowledge and expertise that can streamline the application process and enhance the overall success of your project. 

By exploring the services offered by different industry experts, you can make informed decisions and ensure that your development application is well-prepared and meets all the necessary requirements.

Before hiring an expert for your project, it is essential to:

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Architects and building designers

Architects and building designers play a crucial role in developing building concepts, designs, and drawings. Additionally, they may provide a range of services, including:

  1. Site evaluation
  2. Project management
  3. Managing the development application process on behalf of the property owner
  4. Coordinating specialist consultants.

To learn more about these professionals and their services, you can visit the following organisations:

  1. Australian Institute of Architects
  2. Building Designers Association of Australia.
Steffan Harries also works with a range of architects and building designers and is more than happy to assist in referring you to someone who has experience in similar projects that we trust.


Engineers play a vital role in planning, designing, and providing expertise on structural requirements. They often specialise in specific fields, such as:

  1. Civil engineering
  2. Flood engineering
  3. Construction engineering
  4. Structural engineering
  5. Soil or water treatment engineering

Furthermore, certain engineers may take on the responsibility of managing the development application process on behalf of the property owner.

For additional information, you can visit the following resources:

Here at Steffan Harries, we work tightly with a range of civil engineers through the subdivision process both during the development application stage, and post-approval through the operational works process.
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Need help in building your development project team? Get in touch with one of our town planners today!

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A cadastral surveyor has an important role in accurately defining property boundaries and understanding land ownership laws. They perform tasks such as identifying residential or rural boundaries, re-establishing previously surveyed boundaries, and creating new boundaries during land subdivision. Cadastral surveyors possess the knowledge and skills to interpret and advise on boundary locations and any related property rights or restrictions. The information and measurements collected by the surveyor are recorded on a survey plan, which is then submitted to the relevant government agency for documentation. Steffan Harries works alongside various surveying firms to assist in the development application process, especially for subdivision projects. For more information, visit the Surveying Board of Queensland

Landscape architects

Landscape architects are professionals who specialize in creating concepts, designs, and drawings for outdoor spaces. Their services extend beyond design and may include:

  1. Site master planning
  2. Project management
  3. Expertise on site rehabilitation
  4. Managing the development application process on behalf of the property owner.

These professionals are skilled at transforming outdoor areas into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

For more information on landscape architecture and its services, please visit: Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

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Builders utilise plans and drawings as blueprints to construct buildings and other structures. In addition to their construction expertise, builders may also provide project management services and take charge of managing the development application process on behalf of the property owner.

For further information, you can visit the Queensland Master Builders.

Building certifiers

Building certifiers have the crucial role of evaluating whether proposed building work adheres to the Building Act 1975 and its related standards. The certifier who issued the building permit is also responsible for conducting inspections to verify compliance with the approved plans.

If you require a siting variation assessment against the performance criteria of the Queensland Development Code (QDC), it is essential to engage a building certifier. They can provide you with valuable technical advice on siting variations and serve as the assessment manager for such applications.

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