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What is our membership all about?

You might have seen us talk about a membership portal before, but never really known what it is. Well, as a summary, we release exclusive town planning and property development content including 5 x site assessments every week valued at $800 each (a monthly value of $20,000) + access to a community forum + exclusive resources incl. checklists, cheatsheets, podcasts, webinars AND MUCH MORE.

It only costs $12.50 a week ($50/month) and cancel any time!

Our membership started as a way to offer our clients some good development sites that we have already checked over and has turned into much more of a community where we educate, share and grow our town planning knowledge.

Becoming a member with us will give you direct access to resources, material, and our community of developers, planners, surveyors, architects, and civil engineers to help you not only find a good development site, but deliver the project as well!

Want to learn more? Visit our website:

What do you get being a member?​

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✅Overview of the development potential (if any)
✅High-level feedback from a planning Director

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