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Understanding the QLD Gov Incentivising Infill Development Fund

The Incentivising Infill Development Fund (IIDF) is a significant initiative by the Queensland Government, aimed at boosting housing density and diversity in well-located urban areas. Here’s a concise breakdown of the key aspects of the fund, eligibility criteria, and application process to help developers understand how they can benefit from this funding opportunity.

What is the IIDF?

The IIDF is a $350 million fund designed to support the delivery of diverse, affordable, and well-located homes. It is part of the broader Homes for Queenslanders plan, aiming to deliver 1 million new homes by 2046. The fund specifically targets market-ready projects that can increase housing density in areas with high demand, offering relief from council infrastructure charges to limit cost increases for homebuyers.

Who is the Incentivising Infill Development Fund For?

The Incentivising Infill Development Fund (IIDF) is for developers, landowners, and planning consultants who are focused on creating diverse, affordable, and well-located residential housing in Queensland. This includes:

  • Landowners and Developers: Looking to undertake residential development projects or mixed-use developments with a residential component.
  • Projects in Key Areas: Developments located in well-situated urban or regional areas that can increase housing density.
  • Affordable Housing Initiatives: Projects aimed at providing accommodation for workers, tertiary students, or addressing regional housing needs, excluding luxury housing.

If your development aligns with these goals and meets the specific eligibility criteria, you could benefit from the IIDF. See further eligibility requirements below.

Am I Eligible for the IIDF (Incentivising Infill Development Fund)?


Step 1 – Is it an Eligible Development?

Development must meet the following criteria to be considered for receiving funding for eligible development costs.

  • Be consistent with the objectives of the fund; and
  • Be in Queensland; and
  • Be for a Material Change of Use (MCU) or Reconfiguring a Lot (RAL); and
  • Be well-located residential development (this includes the residential component of a mixed-use development); or
  • Be accommodation for workers or tertiary students and near major employment centres such as (but not limited to) tertiary institutions, hospitals and medical precincts, or in high-tourism areas; and
  • Be for dwellings other than luxury housing; and
  • At the time of the application for funding being decided:
    • Construction for a MCU has not started
    • For all other development, the levied charge has not become payable under the act; and
  • Be able to meet the milestones identified in the fund guidelines.

Step 2 – Does it Meet the Fund Guidelines?

Development must be able to meet the milestones identified in the table below:

Step 3 – Does it Meet the Location-Based Eligibility Criteria? 

If within Category A local government area

Category A: Brisbane City Council, Cairns Regional Council, Gold Coast City Council, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council, Mackay City Council, Moreton Bay City Council, Redland City Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Toowoomba Regional Council and Townsville City Council.

Development must be:

  • Gentle density; or
  • Medium rise or high density housing in a well-located infill area; or
  • Well-located, smaller lot land development, with an average lot size of approximately 300m2 or less*. *Note: the department will exercise discretion where required.
  • Additional provisions apply if subject to an approval under the Economic Development Act 2012.

If within Category B local government area

Category B: means all other Local governments constituted under the Local Government Act 2009 not included in the Category A local government area definition.

Development must be:

  • Housing to respond to regional housing needs; or
  • Land development that includes a mix of lot sizes that are appropriately located and with an average lot size consistent with the minimum lot sizes permitted for residential-zoned land in that Local government’s planning scheme.

What Development Costs are Eligible for Funding?

Funding is available for:

  1. Payment of infrastructure for trunk infrastructure costs for eligible residential development (criteria above). Note – only the residential components.
  2. Refund of development application fees for application lodged since the 3rd of February 2024 and are recipients of the above infrastructure charging relief.

Applications can only be made by the landowner, or development proponent authorised to represent the landowner.

How Do I Apply for the IIDF?

You can apply via the Queensland Government online portal:

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for the IIDF?

Mandatory documents and information you will need to have include:

  • A project plan, using the guidance provided in the Fund Guidelines, Attachment 3.
  • Development application reference and status information.
  • Business and principal contact information for contracted builder/ surveyor and planning consultants.
  • The relevant infrastructure charges cost and development assessment fee (if eligible). Where an Infrastructure Charges Notice or Infrastructure Agreement has not been issued, provide information about the estimated infrastructure charge for the residential development component.
  • Information about other funding programs applied for or approved.
  • Other documents and information as identified on the application portal.

When Does the Fund Open?

The fund opens on 10th June 2024. It is assessed on a first-in basis, until funding is spent.

I Already Lodged my Development – Can I Still Apply?

If you lodged your development application after 3rd February 2024, you are still eligible to apply.

Extra Information

Note: this information was accurate at the time of writing, but is subject to change without notice by parties outside of our control. For most up-to-date information, please consult the government website above.

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