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The Importance of Project Coordination in Subdivision Developments

In the realm of urban planning and development, subdivisions play a pivotal role in shaping our communities. These projects involve transforming land into parcels that can be developed and sold. The team at Steffan Harries understands the intricacies of managing such developments. A key element of success in subdivisions is effective project coordination.

The Role of a Property Development Manager

At the core of any successful subdivision development is a competent property development manager. You need them to be able to manage the entire development process from concept to completion. They are responsible for assembling and leading a team of specialists, including town planners, surveyors, and engineers. Their role is critical in ensuring that the project adheres to all legal, regulatory, and design requirements, especially within the local council planning framework.

Project Coordination Stages of Property Development

A typical subdivision project involves several stages:

  1. Land Acquisition: This first stage includes identifying and purchasing suitable land, followed by due diligence to assess its development potential.
  2. Conceptualisation and Design: In this phase, the project manager works with various professionals to create a preliminary design and ensure it aligns with local zoning and building codes.
  3. Planning and Approval: Obtaining necessary permits and approvals, commonly known as DA (Development Application) approvals, is a critical step.
  4. Detailed Design and Operational Works: Post-approval, the project moves into detailed design, addressing specific conditions set out in the permit.
  5. Tenders and Financing: This stage involves obtaining competitive quotes for the construction work and securing the necessary financing for the project.
  6. Construction: The actual building work takes place in this phase.
  7. Plan Sealing and Completion: The final stage involves getting the plans sealed by relevant authorities.

Why Choose Steffan Harries?

Steffan Harries brings expertise in navigating the complex terrain of subdivisions in Brisbane, Logan, and Ipswich. With a deep understanding of STCA, planning requirements, plan sealing, and more, our team is equipped to guide clients through the multifaceted process of subdivision developments. Our focus on efficient project coordination ensures that each stage of the development is executed with precision.


Subdivision developments are a cornerstone of urban expansion and renewal. With Steffan Harries’ guidance, developers can confidently embark on these projects.

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