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Key Steps in Achieving Successful Subdivision Outcomes

Subdividing land is a multifaceted process, governed by local regulations and requiring careful planning and execution. Here, we delve into the essential steps and considerations for successful subdivision in Brisbane and surrounding Queensland regions.

Step 1 – Initial Analysis and Consultation

Prior to embarking on a subdivision, it’s critical to conduct a thorough analysis of the site, considering constraints under the relevant planning scheme, regional plan, and service availability. This initial assessment helps in understanding whether a property is suitable for subdivision and identifies potential issues. Learn more about initial assessments and planning tools in Brisbane.

Step 2 – Engaging Property Professionals

For any subdivision proposal, the expertise of town planners, civil engineers, and registered surveyors is indispensable. Engaging experienced professionals early on can minimize the risks of misinformation and unforeseen costs. Discover how our town planning services can support your project.

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Step 3 – Development Application (ROL)

Subdivision applications in Brisbane are categorized as ‘Reconfiguring a Lot’ (ROL) under the Planning Act 2016. These applications require adherence to each council’s planning scheme, including zoning, minimum lot sizes, and engineering standards. Steffan Harries specializes in undertaking the application process with Council. Read more about the ROL process.

Step 4 – Assessment Level and Compliance

Most subdivision applications are code assessable and non-advertised, but some may be impact assessable. This step is crucial for understanding compliance with local planning schemes. Learn about development application processes.

Step 5 – Strata Title vs. Standard Format Plan Subdivision

Understanding the differences between building format plan subdivisions (strata title) and standard format plan subdivisions is essential for planning your development strategy effectively. Explore more on subdivision types.

Step 6 – Role of Town Planners and Surveyors

Town planners specialize in preparing and submitting development applications, while surveyors are crucial for the survey portion of the subdivision process. It’s advisable to engage both professionals for their distinct expertise. Our planners can help. Get in touch with us today!

Step 7 – Development Application Process

This process involves a detailed assessment of the proposal, ensuring compliance with local planning schemes. Engaging a town planner can streamline this process, helping to navigate the complexities of the application. Learn about the development application process here.

Step 8 – Engineering Design and Construction

Following the approval of the development application, detailed engineering design and construction are undertaken. This stage covers the physical aspects of subdividing the land, including infrastructure development and ensuring compliance with engineering standards. Sometimes, this will require operational works applications to be submitted. You can learn more about this process on our website.

engineering design for subdivision approval

Step 9 – Plan Sealing and Registration

The final stage involves plan sealing and registration. Once the subdivision construction is complete and complies with all conditions, the plan is sealed by the council and registered, creating new titles for each subdivided lot. Learn more about the plan sealing process here.

Step 10 – Avoiding Common Pitfalls

It’s crucial to be aware of common traps in the subdivision process. This includes underestimating costs, not comprehensively assessing site constraints, or failing to properly engage with the council’s planning processes.


Successful property subdivisions in Brisbane require an in-depth understanding of the local planning framework, careful project planning, and the involvement of skilled professionals. This process, while complex, can be navigated effectively with the right expertise and due diligence.

Note: While this overview provides a good understanding of the subdivision process in Brisbane, it is not intended to replace site-specific and professional advice. For detailed and tailored guidance, engaging with a town planning consultancy like Steffan Harries is recommended. Lodge an enquiry with us now to see how we can help.

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