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Ipswich Plan 2024 Update – Does this impact your property or development? Don’t get caught out!

As expert town planners committed to keeping our valued clients ahead of the curve, we’re here to bring your attention to the pivotal developments in the Ipswich Plan 2024.

The Ipswich City Council is finalising a comprehensive new planning scheme designed to steer the future growth and development of our vibrant city. This scheme represents a critical juncture for all current and future projects within the Ipswich area.

Don’t Get Caught Out

As the rules are changing, you could potentially lose development options over your property or prospective property. Given this we strongly recommend you take action now to educate yourselves on these changes. Check the new changes through the online portal here:

Here’s What You Need to Know

Public Consultation Insights
The draft Ipswich Plan 2024, alongside the draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), underwent a public consultation phase. With over 500 submissions on the draft plan and 35 on the LGIP, the community’s active participation has led to several amendments aimed at refining the plan.

Revisions and Final Review
Following community feedback, the plan has been revised, focusing on clarifications, updates, and corrections. It’s now under the final review by the State Government and, pending approval, will come into effect later this year.

Why This Matters to You

The adoption of the Ipswich Plan 2024 will have immediate and long-term implications for property development, zoning regulations, and infrastructure projects in Ipswich. It’s crucial for developers, investors, and landowners to understand how these changes might affect their plans. With the finalisation of the Local Elections last week, it wouldn’t be surprising if adoption is given priority.

Action Required

  1. Stay Informed – Keep abreast of the latest developments by following the Shape Your Ipswich page for real-time updates. You can sign up fo our newsletter at the bottom of the page as well!
  2. Review and Plan – Consider how the upcoming changes might impact your ongoing or planned projects. Early adaptation to the new scheme could be advantageous. Check the new changes through the online portal here:
  3. Seek Expert Advice – Our team is on hand to help you navigate these changes. From understanding the new planning scheme to adjusting your development strategies, we’re here to ensure that your investments are both compliant and optimised for the future landscape of Ipswich.

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