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We are very happy to announce that Steffan Harries recent graduate planner, Christianna, has received an award of excellence for her student project for the Albion Revitalisation Project (Strategic plan for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics site at Albion).

Developed as part of completing her studies at QUT, the Albion Revitalisation Project stands as a remarkable example of innovative urban planning, orchestrated by a talented team consisting of Nieve Feeney, Alexander Gough, Luke Jones, Elisha Tran, Christianna Tsiboukas, and Joanna Stavrianos. This project emerged in response to a challenge posed by the Brisbane City Council and has since garnered the Award for Excellence in the Tertiary Student Project category.

Looking ahead, this team’s exceptional work positions them as contenders in the upcoming national awards in Melbourne. Their project is distinguished by its holistic approach, seamlessly blending land use, transportation, and cultural heritage. This vision strategically leverages the local environment, diverse land uses, and economic elements to not only support the forthcoming Olympics but also to ensure Albion’s long-term vitality.

The project’s ingenuity didn’t go unnoticed by the judges, who lauded its comprehensive nature. They remarked, “the strategies and actions within the masterplan are multi-faceted and deliver very high-quality outcomes for the reinvigoration of Albion, creating a unique community identity and a legacy beyond the Olympic Games”.

Take a look a the concept plan they put together below:

Some key takeaways from the project:

Key insights from this project involved addressing critical urban issues, including housing supply and diversity, flood resilience, liveability, and walkability. Our acknowledgment of the significance of these factors showcased how effective planning can address contemporary challenges successfully. Despite Albion being predominantly an industrial area, the presence of low to medium-density residential zones inspired us to envision a transformation similar to Alexandria, Sydney which was also a transitioned industrial suburb. Moreover, community engagement played a pivotal role, highlighting the importance of inclusivity—an aspect we deem crucial. Actively involving the community in the planning process ensured the development of a masterplan with a distinctive community identity. This approach aims to leave a lasting legacy beyond the Olympic Games, making Albion not only adaptable to future needs but also resilient and firmly rooted in its unique character.

Further acclaim was given for the masterplan’s inclusive engagement approach and its adaptable planning methodology, which could potentially be applied to other revitalization initiatives. The Albion project stands out as a blueprint for future urban development projects, particularly in its attention to critical urban issues like housing diversity, flood resilience, and enhancing the quality of life through improved walkability.

Congrats Christianna!

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