Steffan Harries

Author name: Alexander Steffan

Town planner Logan Flooding

Alex takes on the Mayor of Logan City Council

Alex had a great conversation with 4BC radio about the new flood modeling and TLPI provisions in Logan and how it could infact stop you from even doing a small extension to a house. This conversation then sparked a rebuttal from the Logan Mayor (Jon Raven). Enjoy! Listen here.

Albion town planning

Award winning planners!

We are very happy to announce that Steffan Harries recent graduate planner, Christianna, has received an award of excellence for her student project for the Albion Revitalisation Project (Strategic plan for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics site at Albion). Developed as part of completing her studies at QUT, the Albion Revitalisation Project stands as a remarkable …

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subdivision approval

What is our membership all about?

You might have seen us talk about a membership portal before, but never really known what it is. Well, as a summary, we release exclusive town planning and property development content including 5 x site assessments every week valued at $800 each (a monthly value of $20,000) + access to a community forum + exclusive resources incl. checklists, cheatsheets, …

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lodging a submission for the draft seq regional plan

Draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update – Consultation finishes 20th September

Queensland’s population is on the rise, presenting an exciting opportunity to improve and expand our communities to cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of its residents, especially in South East Queensland (SEQ). The Queensland Government’s draft ShapingSEQ 2023 Update outlines their plan to guide the growth of SEQ, which includes areas like Brisbane, Gold …

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measuring width of a property approval town planning

How to (accurately) measure the frontage or width of a property

When considering property subdivision, one crucial factor to verify is the width of the resulting lots that you aim to create. Typically, achieving a specific width (e.g., 10 meters) for each lot is essential, and it is not uncommon to find conflicting information on various online resources. For instance, one source, like Pricefinder, might indicate …

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Traditional building character house bungalow

What is a Character House and why are they protected?

In our previous articles, we have mentioned the significance of character housing as an important consideration when entering into a property contract in Brisbane. But what exactly defines a character house and why are they safeguarded? What is a character house? Character houses, within the Brisbane City Council region, encompass structures built before 1947 that …

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